Free ebook – A Co-Workers Guide to Protecting Your Tech

We have gone one step further and created our very first E-Book labelled, ‘A Co-Worker’s guide to protecting your tech’.

Think about it: you are working alongside strangers every day, and you’ll only come to know some of them. Your business technology is too important to be left within sight – and snatching distance – of someone you don’t trust. And that’s without going into the potential of a break-in; criminals are targeting co-working places, realising that they hold an immense stockpile of expensive gear.

RiskBox care about this very much.

We even wrote a blog Shared Office Insurance: Are You Being Too Polite? on the issue.

But we want you to be fully clued up about security measures as a coworker. Knowing you’re protected as much as you can be will help to remove some of your concerns.

We’ve compiled this guide as a deep dive into the greatest security risks, and advances you can make towards the right precautions and cover for your equipment.


Download our E-Book here


A Co-Worker’s Guide to Protecting Your Tech


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