Parallel Lines: Trouble In the Message Centre

Parallel Lines: What Do Creatives and Insurance Have in Common?


If you’re in the creative sector how do you see insurance? To shine some light on what we do, we’ve come up with five parallels between pitching for projects and protecting your business with insurance. We think you’ll find these helpful when you’re looking for the right cover.


  1. Trouble In The Message Centre


Sometimes when you’re pitching does it seem like the wrong people are in the room?


It could be that the decision maker for a new campaign is the financial director, with a focus solely on budgetary constraints.


Or maybe the decision’s given to an operations manager, whose main focus would be on minimising the impact to the daily running of the business, rather than looking at the possibilities and potential of what you’re offering.


Perhaps it’s the firm’s head of marketing and maybe that person has a vested interest in protecting their own position, rather than doing what’s genuinely best for the business. This might result in them blocking any perceived external threat to their own standing, or worse, the theft of intellectual property from the agency without appointing them.


When pitching, you need more than a single, narrow perspective in response from your client; you want a range of viewpoints.


It’s the same for insurance.


Imagine in this case you’re the client. When you look at what’s right for your business you shouldn’t judge on one benchmark only:


  • just looking at cost ignores value;


  • just looking at the option for causing the least amount of disruption ignores how risks and needs evolve; and


  • just looking at what knowledge you can extract ignores the importance of building a trusted relationship for when the worst happens and you need proper help and advice.


Tip: you need to bring the right people into the decision making process, or at have their views represented, to make a rounded decision on what’s right for your business.


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