Reputational Damage: Importance of PR in the event of a hack

Being properly insured is great, but sometimes simply having money to repair what’s been damaged or lost doesn’t quite cut it

Radiohead gave us a classic example of this recently, demonstrating the power of effective public relations and crisis communications support when they were the victim of a targeted hack

A brand’s reputation can be irreparably harmed by a cyber attack, compounding what is usually a painful situation

Rather than wallowing as the victim, Radiohead as a brand, flipped an attack on it’s head. They turned the hack into positive PR, attracting widespread praise in place of the usual fear and blame.

If you’ve not seen what happened, check out the full story here 

In brief, Radiohead had their unreleased media stolen by hackers who thought they had hit the jackpot – a globally recognised artist who could comfortably earn millions with the content

So then followed the inevitable ransom demand – pay a fee or the content would be released… 

Easy money the hackers assumed. They were wrong

Instead of paying, Radiohead just released the content, giving all funds raised going to charity

If they were insured they could have called on forensic experts to review, patch and examine their systems, recovering files and improving security. Great, but how does that protect a brand’s reputation?

The very best Cyber and Data Insurers know this which is why they have expert partners to pull you through the ordeal should the worst happen. They provide professional support including Crisis and PR services as standard, helping you soften that reputational impact caused by cyber criminals.

The message is clear. When dealing with a cyber attack it is vital to look beyond that instant financial loss, and work with experts to protect the very future of your business

Get in touch with us at RiskBox here, to see how we can help you safeguard the business you’ve worked hard to build with the right Cyber and Data insurance.


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