Forever Manchester

Forever Manchester is a charity that funds and supports thousands of community projects across Greater Manchester. Through generous contributions from individuals and businesses, Forever Manchester strengthens communities and enriches local life by inspiring local people to do extraordinary things together.


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PlaysafePlaysafe Insurance (2)


At Playsafe we love music. We understand the pressures you face as musicians and bands setting out on the road to success.


Founder Steven Howell, has worked protecting bands, both as an insurance advisor and band manager. This gives him a unique insight into problems that you will encounter, whether it is on the road, or at the rehearsal rooms. Our passion is to make sure we don’t miss the next big thing, through stolen equipment, or expensive complicated lawsuits. Playsafe is a dedicated quick-quote insurance solution, providing protection for your equipment and public liability risks.

Standard policy includes the following at no extra cost:


◦                     Cover for the whole band


◦                     Unlimited number of shows


◦                     Unlimited show capacity


◦                     Worldwide protection


◦                     Accidental damage, theft and loss of your equipment


◦                     Theft from unattended vehicles*


◦                     Instant 30% uplift in equipment cover


* Unattended vehicle cover is subject to certain terms and conditions which are detailed within the quotation




Guild of British Camera Technicians


A leader championing excellence within the production industry, the GBCT is a selective non-profit organisation, helping lift the standards of individual technicians operating in video, film and television production. 


The GBCT is dedicated to maintaining quality by only accepting members who can demonstrate they have a suitable level of professionalism. For this reason, Risk Box have been able to obtain preferential insurance rates for their members, protecting both equipment and liability risks


Members can obtain quotes by completing this GBCT Enquiry Form and emailing us at


For those interested in becoming GBCT members and enjoying the many benefits offered, including training and crew sourcing services, please follow the link here




British Fraud Prevention Partnership


It is widely recognised that cyber-threats pose significant risks to organisations, capable of compromising data, wiping out IT infrastructure and damaging your reputation.  But, did you know that over 90% of incidents are as a result of human behaviour and not a lack of IT measures?


We’ve teamed up with the award-winning Business Fraud Prevention Partnership to help our clients stay one-step ahead, educating their employees and preventing incidents, utilising:

  • GCHQ certified employee awareness training (accredited as part of the National Cyber Security Programme)
  • Simulated phishing service
  • Policy management tool

 Benefiting from bite-size and interactive security awareness e-learning, you can empower your employees to be able to identify and prevent incidents, as well as ensuring they understand measures they should take to mitigate your risk in the event of an emergency.  The BFPP specialise in helping organisations develop a positive security culture, minimising risk and stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals.

 All RiskBox Cyber clients benefit from a 10% discount, so why not sign up for a free demo HERE to find out more about how the BFPP can help you stay secure.