Parallel Lines: Movin’ Too Fast

Parallel Lines: What Do Creatives and Insurance Have in Common?


If you’re in the creative sector how do you see insurance? To shine some light on what we do, we’ve come up with five parallels between pitching for projects and protecting your business with insurance. We think you’ll find these helpful when you’re looking for the right cover.

  1. Movin’ Too Fast


We’ve already seen how it’s not unusual for clients to have unrealistic expectations when inviting agencies to tender.


Whether it’s the scope of services provided, the likely results or even the budget required, these areas of uncertainty can raise issues further down the line.


But what happens if you get it wrong from the very beginning?


If you’re not given enough time to provide a viable solution in a measured fashion, then problems are bound to occur. You need the right amount of time to digest and understand the brief and then to carry out the necessary research.


You have to allow time for essential communication between the client and yourself, to ensure that what you’re going to propose is in fact what the client is looking for.


You need time to formulate strategies and ideas – essential in helping you to provide the best solution. Rushing all this can lead to bad decisions, and then everyone suffers.


And not enough time leads to mistakes:


  • agreeing to deliver a project on your own assumptions, without taking the time to check with developers how long it’ll take to adapt a platform or site; or


  • simply getting the calculations wrong, and ending up promising to deliver something at an unsustainable price.


It’s the same with insurance.


If you want something that protects you, for a good price without any nasty surprises when something goes wrong, then you need to allow plenty of time. The broker, like the agency, will need enough time to:


  • understand the business and do the necessary research on risks and solutions;


  • check facts and information with yourself to ensure things are correct;


  • get a suitable programme together for you by speaking to different insurers for solutions and options;


  • convey all this to you in a way that you’ll understand and appreciate it, so that you can make the right decision in with enough time to spare.


Just as you need time get your pitch right, so the broker needs time to shape the right solution for your insurance cover.


Tip: make allowances for adequate time at every stage of the process, or face the consequences of a rushed decision later.


We’re all in the business of doing the best we can for our clients and producing work to the highest professional standard. Sometimes it helps to see things from a different perspective, and to understand that while we may operate in different sectors, our aims, and the outcomes we seek, are often the same.


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