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Ebook - March 10, 2020
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How does our Group Travel Insurance respond to Coronavirus?
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By Michael Henderson

At RiskBox we’ve seen a steady increase in queries raised by our concerned clients relating to how their business will be affected by the Coronavirus.

This has been across a wide range of covers, from simple liability risks through to how it would affect the inability to shoot a film.

The answers vary on type of insurance, the insurer and the fine print, so we would encourage any of our clients who are worried to just get in touch.

The most common questions we are answering though relate to how group travel insurance responds, so we’ve decided to collate all the key questions we’ve fielded to this point into the attached document.

Please note that RiskBox only use a handful of vetted appropriate insurers for this, so cannot be sure that the same answers would apply for non-clients (though it should at least be a useful starting point for those people)

Coronavirus – Group Travel Insurance Guide

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