Why RiskBox?

We know you don’t want to talk about insurance. You’d much rather be working on doing something you love.

That’s why companies choose RiskBox. Unlike other insurance specialists, we get it.

We’re passionate about protecting individuals, agencies and organisations. Whatever your insurance challenge, we have a solution.

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How we do it

Run things your way… without the risks

RiskBox protect your business with bespoke, affordable insurance packages.

We make sure your policy actually works when you’re covered… and help you avoid trouble when you’re not. It’s the simplest, easiest way to stay safe.

By removing the stressful distractions of policy admin, paperwork and legal wrangling, we give you the power to focus on the best bits of your business: the stuff that earns you money.

Our 5 Step Process

RiskBox provide a complete insurance solution for your business in five easy steps…

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1 Understanding your business

First, we get to know one another. Over coffee or video call, our team take the time to learn as much as they can about you and your business – from services and current concerns to visions for the future.

We care about building strong relationships with our clients – and this all starts with face-to-face communication.

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2 Identify key risks

Next, we review the key risks to the business and weigh these up against any insurance you have in place.

Our specialists identify any holes or exposures you might have in your policy, making sure you’re paying the right amount for values insured and limits taken.

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3 Design and build

After gathering all the necessary data, we design an exclusive, cost-effective programme that protects your key risks and keeps you compliant with legislation and contracts.

We recommend insurers and products we know work best, before outlining a roadmap for the future insurance needs of your business as you grow or adapt.

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4 Implement your programme

RiskBox liaises with insurers to put policies in place and remove as much admin as possible.

We complete, check and issue insurance documentation, along with confirmation certificates. These documents are stored in a designated Foleo folder that you can access at any time.

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5 Support beyond insurance

Our support doesn’t stop once your policy is live. We continue to remain on hand to help with the claims process to ensure payout (at no additional charge).

We keep in touch with you to anticipate any changes to your policies and regularly provide free content, insurance guides and event invitations.

What our clients are saying

RiskBox are our favourite suppliers and our whole office agrees. They make a job that could be complicated straightforward and are helpful, reasonable, quick and available and very, very nice.

Peter Law
Flying Object
About us

Who are RiskBox?

RiskBox are the leading insurance specialists in the North West for individuals and businesses across the digital, creative, media and tech sectors.

Our independent status means we prioritise a personal and friendly service, whilst our extensive industry experience guarantees the greatest insight and support available.

We strip back the complicated language of the insurance world and decode documents to reveal what you’re entitled to. If you’re caught short due to changes in policy or conditions in the small print, our team can find a solution.

Don’t let insurance leave you stressed, confused and exhausted. Just use RiskBox and get back to business…

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Having spent 20 years in commercial insurance, Michael saw the industry’s need for a premium service that protected creative companies. He founded RiskBox with the aim to rebuild trust and reduce confusion in the insurance sector – giving business owners a place to turn when they need it most.

Michael is also the co-founder of The Bulletproof Agency Network, a creative agency support service which specialises in industry-focused events and publications.

Commercial Account Handler


Sam joined RiskBox in February 2017 and quickly realised his passion for protecting businesses through insurance. Where he truly excels is his no-fuss, hands-on approach. Sam takes the time to get to know every client, working hard to find the best solution for them.

A dad to one child and three dogs, Sam is also an avid football player and works as club secretary for a local amateur team. He’s a proud ambassador for charity Forever Manchester too.

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Commercial Account Handler


Gemma joined the RiskBox team in May 2019. She has several years’ experience under her belt in financial services, moving over to insurance after spending the early part of her career in banking fraud.

A chatty and witty presence in the RiskBox office, Gemma is also a proud mum – spending as much time as possible with her daughter. She also enjoys cycling and the odd game of squash.
Commercial Account Handler


No stranger to financial services, Ryan spent 14 years working in Banking Management and Business Finance before joining RiskBox in May 2020.
A proud husband and dad of one, Ryan is also a keen mountain biker, football fan and music lover
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What our clients are saying

After being let down at the last minute by my previous broker, I quickly engaged with RiskBox. Insurance can be hard work for my business due to the highly regulated industries we work in but RiskBox took on the work without any fuss. They turn things round in a very short space.

Andrew Daniels
Degree 53
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