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5 Reasons to you are better off engaging RiskBox rather than going direct for Commercial Insurance
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A question we often get asked is ‘Why would a business use RiskBox rather than going Direct?’

Here are 5 key points to answer that, and explain why you are better off working with RiskBox, than going it alone

(1) Price

Yes, that’s right

Perhaps the most common misconception we hear, as businesses assume going direct (cutting out a broker) would save on premium. This is rarely true

Usually we can get better premiums for the same cover, even from the same insurer.

(2) Independence

We are independent

This means you benefit from our objective support and knowledge to choose the right insurer for your business.

Many brokers and direct providers have preferential agreements with insurers, making their neutrality questionable.

(3) Support

Claims are the real product offered by insurance.

Getting claims paid is not always a simple process and can be subjective, with different opinions applying to the same area of protection.

RiskBox will have your back when you need to make that claim, so you have someone practiced in challenging an insurer should they say no to a valid claim.

(4) Cover

Insurance policies vary a lot, particularly in relation to Professional Indemnity, Cyber/Data and Management Liability.

Cover available to brokers is usually better, particularly for unusual risks, as many products are not offered when going direct.

With many misleading and inadequate products available buying insurance direct may be cheap and easy to do, but getting it right is not.

(5) Expertise

Using RiskBox gives you our expertise for the best solution whatever the problem.

We aim to take away that pain of dealing with (and chasing) insurers allowing you to free up your time and give peace of mind to get on with running your business.

Surely that’s worth it alone.


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