Agencies, General - September 8, 2020
A Brief Guide to Remote Working Cyber Risks
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This year we’ve seen a seismic shift to working remotely for most industries in the UK. Practices have changed, not through choice, but necessity.

While there have been some clear benefits, and equally clear drawbacks, there remain many areas of uncertainty.

One aspect we’ve been particularly interested in is how our clients have adapted processes to manage their Cyber and Data risks.

We’ve tackled Data to a degree already with GDPR Assist here, however we feel we should now focus on the Cyber risks element.

Please see an excellent mini-guide produced by cyber security firm, Berea who are the team behind CyberAMI

Whilst by no means exhaustive it is a great starting point to understand the risks you will be facing. Download the guide here 


Photo by Euan Cameron on Unsplash

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