General - April 14, 2020
Covid-19 and Business Interruption Guide
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COVID 19 is totally unprecedented and has hit everyone, some worse than others. At RiskBox we’ve certainly felt it, but a lot of our clients have had it far harder.

Over the last few weeks we have received a wide array of questions about insurance, and how it might (or might not) respond to the current crisis. These have spanned many sectors, and concerned ventures from the very small to some larger SME’s

One particular area of confusion surrounds Business Interruption, and the declaration from the Government at the outset stating that the PM’s declaration would trigger everyone’s insurance did not help things

The reality is most Business interruption policies won’t cover Business Interruption, however we’ve still seen plenty that arguably do. Policies vary per insurer, and they vary within each insurer (as insurers normally have several policy wordings, and they aren’t all the same)

We’ve seen reputable insurers look to deny claims on arguments that are flimsy at best, and certain intermediaries wash their hands of the situation and their responsibilities, leaving businesses alone trying to make valid claims.

This is not how insurance should be, and therefore we’ve pulled together a brief and basic mini guide on this. We hope it helps

Our advice for anyone who ticks all four boxes on our guide, and has a meaningful amount to claim, is to submit that claim and start the process now


Please see here our Guide

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