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Have Legal Expenses Insurance? Make Sure You Understand Your Notification Period
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Legal Expenses insurance can be important, offering financial protection and assistance in certain legal matters. However, it needs to be used correctly.

Understanding the importance of promptly notifying your Legal Expenses insurer is crucial because it can mean the difference between complying with your policy conditions and falling foul of them. In this blog, we delve into the reasons why.

What is Legal Expenses insurance and what does it cover?

Legal Expenses insurance in the UK is designed to cover legal costs and expenses in various situations. It typically covers a range of legal issues, though individual policies do vary so it pays to check the fine print.

That said, common areas of cover include:

  • Employment disputes – Claims related to wrongful dismissal, discrimination, or unfair treatment at work.
  • Contract disputes – Disputes arising from contracts, such as with service providers or suppliers. This area varies significantly, so we recommend thoroughly checking the policy documents here.
  • Property disputes – Again, this varies depending on the insurer, but some can consider issues such as boundary disputes or landlord-tenant conflicts.
  • Taxation issues – Assistance with tax disputes or investigations.
  • Unpaid invoices – Help in chasing the debts of clients who refuse to pay their invoices.

Used correctly, it offers policyholders the financial support they need to pursue or defend their legal rights without the fear of prohibitive legal costs. But early notification is key…

Why do insurers insist on early notification?

Timely notification is a fundamental aspect of almost all commercial insurance policies, but it’s even more critical with Legal Expenses insurance.

Under most types of commercial insurance policy, there will be a relatively loose notification clause that suggests claims need to be advised promptly or within a reasonable timescale. With Legal Expenses insurance, there’s normally an explicit notification period stated – commonly 90 days – and insurers are strict on that for several reasons:


Low premiums

Legal expenses insurance is generally cheap because insurers have a good degree of certainty on their potential losses. If they were to allow for claims to be notified well after the event, then they would need to price accordingly – and the insurance would increase significantly.


Proactive support

Many Legal Expenses insurance policies include a helpline where customers can get legal advice. Prompt notification allows you to access this guidance from the off, which can be invaluable when it comes to making informed decisions about your legal issue.



Early notification can help prevent issues from escalating. It can lead to faster resolution, less stress to the business, and potentially even reduce the overall cost of the legal matter.


Quality of evidence

In many legal cases, evidence and documentation are time-sensitive. Prompt notification allows you to preserve crucial evidence and witness statements, which can significantly impact the success of your case.


Don’t leave your business exposed – triple-check the Ts & Cs

Prompt notification ensures you have access to legal expertise, helps prevent escalation, preserves evidence, and means you’re abiding by policy conditions. By honouring the importance of notifying your insurers early, you can make the most of your Legal Expenses insurance – ensuring it kicks in as it should when legal matters arise.

Always consult your policy documents and your insurer for specific guidelines on notification and coverage. And if you want someone to take away the burden of insurance altogether, let’s talk. We can analyse your current coverage in line with your needs and risks, and build a robust and cost-effective insurance programme that protects you as you grow.


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