Agencies - July 20, 2020
How to crisis-proof your business
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Key Lessons from Marianne Page

McDonald’s have faced a few crises over the years, from financial downturns to mad cow disease. First an employee, and later as a senior member of their UK crisis management team, Marianne learned a lot about how to set your business up to be crisis-ready, and ensure that you accelerate out of any crisis you may face.

In this session for the Bulletproof Agency Network in May 2020, Marianne shared both the key lessons she learned, and the 7 business-critical systems agency owners need to make their business consistent, reliable and crisis proof.

Marianne Page is an expert in helping businesses build robust and efficient systems. Anyone wanting to learn more about this subject can find out more here.

The Bulletproof Agency Network is a not-for-profit collective looking to collate the best advice for the creative and digital agency sector with the sole purpose of helping them thrive. You can find out more here



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