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Introducing Foleo For Clients
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As the world becomes more confusing by the day, we’ve been looking at ways to make your life a little bit simpler, from an insurance perspective at least… 

We know that you just want to ensure your insurance is in place, and then get back to building your business. That’s exactly why we’ve introduced a new feature thanks to Huddle Digital Ltd: Foleo. 

Read on to discover how this useful documents library can put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on doing what you do best.


What is Foleo?

Foleo is a secure file-sharing portal created by Manchester-based software house Huddle Digital Ltd. RiskBox clients can use it to access their insurance documents, from certificates through to policy details on a 24/7 basis, completely free. 

Whether you want to check your limits at the drop of a hat or quickly find the right emergency claim details, Foleo ensures it’s all in one place, simplifying the way you manage your insurance. 

But it’ll also act as a resource library too, packed with informative content and useful tools…  


What’s in the Foleo library?

Over the years, we’ve produced a number of handy guides on various elements of insurance. Yet, until now, we’ve never collated them.

The Foleo library will contain both this existing content and any new, valuable content we produce. In this way, it’ll act as a repository of information for our clients, stored in Huddle’s Foleo software and available for them whenever they need it.

We’ll include:

  • Policy-specific content across various areas of commercial insurance, from Cyber & Data protection through to Directors’ & Officers’ Liability 
  • Guides and tools to help you through the claims process, including step-by-step walkthroughs and simple forms to help you notify incidents quickly
  • Tools to help you manage your insurance risks, such as forms and spreadsheets to ensure that contractor/supplier information is to hand should the worst happen
  • Insights, both on the insurance sector and the wider worlds our clients operate in
  • Additional relevant content and guides produced by insurers and other suitable partners


How can I access it?

Simple. We send you the link, and you sign up. 

Existing RiskBox clients will have already received a link with their most recent renewal documentation, and new clients will receive a link with their policy documentation.

Just click through, submit your request, and the RiskBox team will verify your access. It really is that easy.

You’re then free to choose who has access and when. So, as well as adding additional users, it’s easy to remove a user account should a member of staff move on.

Whether you’re a current RiskBox client or not, if you’d like to learn more about Foleo and our resource library, please get in touch.


Photo by Emil Widlund on Unsplash

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