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Introducing RiskBox: The Different and Better Insurance Experience
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Based in Manchester, UK, RiskBox is a niche commercial insurance broker that offers a different and better experience to businesses in the creative and digital agencies, technology, media, entertainment, and general professions sectors.

But why RiskBox?


Independence and Personal Service

RiskBox operates independently, meaning that we are not tied to a particular insurer, which allows us to make impartial decisions that are in the best interest of our clients, free from any influence from insurers.

Unlike many commercial insurance brokers, who are wholly or partly owned by the insurance providers they recommend, our independence gives our clients peace of mind that their interests come first.

As a small and agile team, we provide a personal service without the bureaucracy associated with larger companies, making it easier for our clients to do business with us.


Expertise in Niche Sectors

RiskBox specialises in the insurance needs of businesses in niche sectors, making us experts in these areas. This expertise allows us to understand the specific needs of these businesses, tailoring competitive insurance programs to suit their unique requirements.


Getting to Know Our Clients

We believe in building personal relationships with our clients, which is why we make an effort to spend time getting to know them, no matter their size. We understand the importance of understanding the journey of our clients, their present circumstances, and their future plans in providing the right insurance solutions.


Claims Service

At RiskBox, we are not just there to provide insurance coverage but also to help our clients with insurance claims. We work hard to make sure that valid claims are paid quickly, and assist in disputing unfair decisions, if necessary, all the way to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


Streamlining the Insurance Process

Our goal is to make the insurance process as painless as possible, reducing dual work, and unnecessary administrative tasks, wherever possible. We take the time to explain technical jargon, ensuring that our clients know exactly what they are paying for.


Trust and Fairness

The insurance industry has a reputation for not always treating customers fairly, which has resulted in a lot of distrust. At RiskBox, we strive to change this by ensuring that our clients are not taken advantage of by those few unscrupulous insurers, and are treated fairly. Our independence, expertise in niche sectors, and personal service enable us to achieve this.



In conclusion, RiskBox is here to offer a different and better insurance experience to businesses in the creative and digital agencies, technology, media, entertainment, and general professionals sectors.

As an independent, niche commercial insurance broker that is small, agile, and focused on providing a personal service, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible protection and service.


To get in touch with our friendly team, you can reach us on 0161 533 0411, at, or by filling in our online contact form.

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