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RiskBox Turns Ten: Looking Back On A Decade In Business
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2024 marks a huge milestone for RiskBox: our 10th year in business. To mark the occasion and reflect on our journey over the years, we decided to take some time out to celebrate with clients, suppliers and partners this January. We even put ourselves more than slightly out of our comfort zone (or Mike’s, anyway!), by commissioning a video that captures some of our highlights.

Here’s just a snapshot…

Servicing a huge range of clients

As you can imagine, a decade in business equates to a lot of happy clients. Over a thousand, in fact – with thousands more coffees and sit-downs that helped us uncover what they need and get the right policies in place. We’ve seen over £2 million worth of insurance payouts as a result.

By working closely with our clients, we’ve not only helped make sure they have the cover they need; we’ve helped prime many for exits and M&As by making sure they have the right support to close critical deals.

Growing the team

In the past few years, our team has blossomed. With this has come several office moves, eventually leading us to settle back in a bigger base at The Sharp Project. It has become home to our group of six – as well as our furry friends.

From an original core team of just Mike and Sam, it’s been great bringing Gemma, Ryan, Omar and Zoey into the fold. They’ve become a critical part of RiskBox, which we’ve recognised by introducing our EMI scheme.

Staying true to our values

Our team may have grown, but we’ve stayed true to our original commitment: to getting off our arses and actually seeing people. This applies not just to our clients, but our wider network too – we’re proud to have supported charitable causes, as well as the agency networking scene.

So it was good to see so many of our clients, suppliers, partners and peers do the same by attending our 10th birthday party at Bunny Jacksons in Manchester! It was fantastic to have everyone in the room – with plenty of frozen margaritas, hot wings and cupcakes to mark the occasion.

We think our 10th anniversary video sums this all up brilliantly. Huge thanks to Blue Caribou who managed to bring a team of introverts out of their shell and create something special to reveal at our birthday party. And thanks again to all those who have helped us get to this point. Here’s to the next ten.



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