Agencies - September 1, 2020
Square Pegs and Round Holes
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Last year we conducted a survey of creative and digital agencies.

We wanted to get a better understanding of how agency owners felt about insurance. Three common themes arose:


There was a strong awareness of insurance, often driven by legal and contractual obligations, but also as a proactive measure to protect the business they’ve worked hard to build


Despite the awareness of insurance, there was a certain trepidation for agencies when building their insurance programmes with the products sometimes being tough and complicated to work with


Key to why we set up RiskBox was the need for an ethical insurance offering, so seeing the reputation of insurance low was not a surprise. We saw some agencies spending very little time on insurance, seeing it as no more than ticking a box rather than an important backstop when unfortunate things happen

We put these findings into a short white paper which we published last year. We thought it would be worth republishing now, to see how the findings fit into our new seismic shifted world

Any thoughts from agency owners on this would be greatly appreciated

Access our white paper here

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