General - September 16, 2020
The Minefield of Claims Notifications
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In our view, claims notification has never been more important. At the moment we are all working in a rather peculiar world, with different pressures to deal with.

Insurance is not immune in that regard. COVID, the accompanying economic environment and the future uncertainty is leaving many insurers nervous. They are being more cautious on what business they will quote for, need greater amounts of information and are charging more for equivalent policies than this time last year.

Crucially this caution also applies to their approach with claims.

Please see our key tips on notifying claims attached here

The area we see the greatest confusion regarding claims notification relates to injuries, whether to staff or third parties. We have therefore pulled together a very brief and basic form which can be used to notify of any potential claims.

Of course it won’t provide all the detail insurers will need to deal with a claim, but it will be enough to tick the box and start the clock.

You can access the form here

Please note that the form is designed for RiskBox clients, so specifically advises notification of the claim to RiskBox. For non-RiskBox clients they should send completed forms to their own broker or insurer. We have no objection to anyone wishing to use the content of this form to make their own showing their own contact details and branding


Photo by Hiroshi Kimura on Unsplash

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