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Shared Office Insurance: Are you being too polite?
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Shared Office Insurance: Are you being too polite?

Demand for serviced offices and shared work spaces is booming in the UK. The new wave of co-working spaces gives startups, freelancers and SMEs the chance to graft and socialise in the same building. It is becoming the norm for many people – particularly those in the creative sector.

However, this has huge implications for how we work and – more often than ever – who we work alongside. One of these is the risk of theft, which is higher than co-workers might like to admit. So, who can you trust? And are you being too polite when it comes to security? Let’s take a closer look.

Why it’s a pertinent question

It may seem a strange subject for an insurance broker like us to field… But, with so many changes shaping the UK’s professional culture, it’s one we have to ask.

Freelancers and start-ups relish these co-working environments because they are affordable, convenient and collaborative. But without your digital kit, you are going to struggle. By setting up camp in these spaces, you are walking into the high chance of someone, at some stage, stealing the things you need to run a business.

Does this really happen? Unfortunately, we’ve heard a few horror stories from co-working spaces. RiskBox have helped many clients who’ve fallen victim to planned, malicious thievery – even cases in which a person had tailgated them into the building, hidden until it was empty, and made off with thousands of pounds in corporate property.

When strangers are grabbing seats in your vicinity every day, or passing your office in the building, can you afford to not be insured for crucial office equipment?

Simple methods to prevent a claim

Taking out insurance can minimise the impact of theft, covering the cost of any missing, damaged or stolen tools so you can buy replacements. Aside from that, though, there are a few things you can do avoid incidents from happening in the first place:

  • Don’t hand your fob to a stranger, and tell staff if you notice anything suspicious. Electronic access and manned reception desks – both features of the co-work movement – are there for a reason.
  • It’s tough to keep track of the faces you see pouring in and out of the building. If you don’t know a person very well, introduce yourself or ask who they are visiting. Being thought of as rude comes second to protecting yourself.
  • Remember to shut the access door behind you. Even a slight crack of opportunism is enough for a thief to make their way inside.
  • Do a sweep of the offices before you leave. If more co-sharers did this, there’d be less unchecked, shadowy areas for someone to lurk in.

For extra peace of mind, however, get cover. RiskBox have helped countless creatives recover the price of their stolen items so that they can get straight back to doing what they love. Co-sharing is brilliant, but the roulette wheel is spinning from Day One. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to abuse the faith you have in your new HQ.

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Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

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