Blog - June 12, 2023
Why RiskBox?
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We’re RiskBox, a niche commercial insurance broker based in Manchester. We understand that the insurance industry can be complex, confusing, and often unfair – especially for agencies or businesses in technology, media, entertainment, and professions.

That’s why we aim to do everything we can to even things up for our clients. We want to give them a different and better experience. Read on to find out how…



It’s not common knowledge, but many commercial insurance brokers are wholly or partly owned by the insurance providers they recommend. But RiskBox is independent. We’re not tied to a particular insurer, so we can make impartial decisions in our clients’ best interests.



Our team’s small size and closeness means we can provide a personal service without the bureaucracy that’s often associated with larger companies.



We focus on niche sectors – we don’t claim to do everything, but we’ve become genuine experts in the insurance needs of our clients’ industries. Our team understands their specific requirements, so we can tailor competitive insurance programmes quickly and comprehensively.



While we carry out a lot of work remotely – by video, email, or phone – we spend time getting to know our clients. No matter how big or small, it’s vital that we understand their journey and their future plans. This intimate knowledge enables us to protect their business with the right insurance.


Claims service

Unlike many insurance brokers, we also help our clients deal with insurance claims. RiskBox works hard to make sure valid claims are paid quickly, and supports clients to dispute unfair decisions – taking it to the Financial Ombudsman Service if needed.



Our goal is to make the entire insurance process as painless as possible, reducing dual work and unnecessary administrative tasks. We take the time to translate confusing technical jargon so our clients know where their money goes.


Trust and fairness

The insurance industry has a reputation for treating customers unfairly, which has led to a lot of distrust. We want to change this narrative and do better for our clients. We’ll make sure you’re not taken advantage of by the few bad insurers – and you get the fair treatment you deserve.


Let RiskBox help

Insurance can be a minefield. But RiskBox is here to change this. As an agile and independent insurance broker, we provide a personal service without bureaucracy. Our expertise in niche sectors means you’ll get the right protection for your business. And if it does come to a claim, we’ll do all we can to make sure it’s dealt with fairly, quickly, and transparently.


If you’re interested in speaking to an insurance expert, contact our team today. We’re here to help!

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