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From tough contracts to tight margins, most insurers don’t understand agencies. But we do. RiskBox help creative companies cover their backs so they can continue to grow.

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“The digital world evolves so quickly that today’s agencies need cutting edge cover. The ones who understand that are the best equipped to do the work they love.”

Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson

The Challenge

Agency insurance can get very complicated very quickly. These businesses work in flexible, fluid ways – and insurers aren’t always sympathetic.

When you deal with a wide variety of clients, things are always subject to change –
which can lead to debate about what was actually agreed to be delivered in the first instance.

The Solution

RiskBox help digital agencies, web design companies, PR brands and publishers with all insurance headaches – from lawsuits for IP infringement when gathering content, to breach of confidentiality quarrels.

We also weigh in to protect you if you’re accused of any kind of contract breach.

What our clients are saying

Our agency has grown strongly over the last few years, and we’ve worked with RiskBox throughout that growth journey. They have made sure our insurance programme was proactively adapted to reflect the changes in our business. RiskBox were also there whenever we needed to claim, taking away the stress of the situation

Adam Hindle
Fluid Digital

Case Studies

RiskBox are passionate about protecting our clients and we love challenging insurance problems. Check out these genuine sector specific problems faced and how RiskBox helped solve them.

A contemporary policy for a growing company

Our client’s company started out as a single web developer working from home. Today, they’re a successful digital agency providing a range of services and employing a sizeable team of developers. One of the growing pains expanding companies can face is adjusting their insurance policy to suit changing demands. When this web designer ran into difficulty, RiskBox were there to help.

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The importance of double-checking insurance cover

Our client is a branding agency who have been serving high-profile clients with marketing solutions for more than a decade. RiskBox specialise in providing cover for creative and digital agencies, so we understand what these companies can (and should) insure during their respective business journeys.

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