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The Professional Services industry involves high financial stakes. When things go wrong, the outcome can be staggering. We offer you support and guidance when you need it most.

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“Traditional professions are being disrupted at a frightening rate. Keeping pace with the changing environment whilst remaining compliant with regulatory bodies might be tough, but it also mandatory.”

Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson

The Challenge

Huge money is constantly changing hands in the professional services sector. Without a safety net, you could be legally culpable for when things go wrong.

All it takes is a single mistake, and clients could be blaming you for a financial loss, breach of privacy, or loss of personal data.

The Solution

RiskBox have decades of knowledge in assisting accountants, recruiters, consultancy firms and any company that provides advice as part of its services.

We understand this sector intimately from a risk management perspective and know just what you need in terms of compliance with regulatory bodies. We also know how to put your organisation in the best light to insurers – guaranteeing excellent protection on favourable terms.

What our clients are saying

Mike and his team have been incredibly helpful. We have used Mike since 2016 and we have found his services excellent. Never having thought we would need insurance we were struck with a very unfortunate incident in 2018 which could have hindered the running of the business but with the comprehensive cover that mike arranged and his guidance through the situation we were able to get through with little disturbance.

Daniel Gostelow
Ion Search

Case Studies

RiskBox are passionate about protecting our clients and we love challenging insurance problems. Check out these genuine sector specific problems faced and how RiskBox helped solve them.

The importance of being proactive with insurance claims

Our client is a tight-knit recruitment agency with ten members of staff. RiskBox have vast experience in supporting small businesses like these with all kinds of insurance problems – including health and safety. We help our clients take the appropriate actions and make them aware of how to utilise their available cover.

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Breaking down insurance barrier for open banking

Our client provides a cutting-edge financial service platform. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the brand is widely trusted by SMEs. When moving into Open Banking, they turned to RiskBox for specialist support to ensure they stayed compliant.

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