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How Our Five-Step Process Protects Your Business’ Insurance Needs
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Insurance is a necessity for businesses. But when it comes to taking it out or changing your policy, you want it to be as easy as possible while still meeting all your needs.

Here at RiskBox, we have a five-step process that delivers exactly that. Read on to discover the steps and how we work.


Step 1: Getting to know your business

We can’t do the best for your organisation if we don’t have all the facts. So whether it’s in person or over a video call, the first thing we’ll do is uncover the necessary details. This means knowing all about you and your business, including what products or services you provide to your customers, the challenges you face, and what’s on the horizon. This means we get off on the right foot and understand exactly what you need from a robust insurance programme – now and in the future.


Step 2: Establishing your risks

Once we know all we need to, our team will look at the key risks to your business. We’ll analyse this in line with any cover you currently have. As insurance specialists in the creative and digital space (specifically media, professional services, technology and entertainment), we’ll be able to easily pinpoint any holes or potential exposure. We strive to make sure that your company pays the correct amount for values insured and limits taken.


Step 3: Creating your programme

Armed with this information, we can get to work on designing your business a cost-effective programme. This will be tailored to your needs, ensuring it safeguards you from key risks. It will also be fully compliant with relevant legislation and contracts, and we’ll only recommend insurers and products that we know will work best for you because we’re an independent broker. We’ll then build a roadmap for your future insurance needs, so it can work in tandem with your requirements as you grow or adapt.


Step 4: Setting things in motion

Next up is the action stage. We’ll work closely with insurers to get your policies in place, keeping admin to an absolute minimum. This will involve us filling out, checking, and issuing insurance documentation and confirmation certificates. Organisation is key to us, so we’ll keep all these files in a designated Foleo folder that you can access whenever you want.


Step 5: Helping your business for the long term

But our support doesn’t end there – our team will be here if you need us. For example, if you ever find yourself in the situation where you have to make a claim, we’ll help you throughout the process so that you receive the payout you deserve. We don’t charge extra for this either. We’ll also stay in close contact with you so we can share any forecast changes to your policies. Not to mention, you’ll receive free content, insurance guides, and event invitations that are relevant to your business. For us, it’s about always keeping you up to date and looking after your evolving needs.


Get started with RiskBox

This five-step process is what has made us leading insurance specialists in the UK. We’re highly personable too – and this, blended with our considerable expertise, means we can provide the best service possible. You can discover how others have reaped the rewards of our support here.


Want to experience it for yourself? Get in touch and we’ll review your insurance needs using our proven process – so you can get back to working on your business, not in it.


Photo by Parsoa Khorsand on Unsplash

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